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you with the sad eyes

chocolate brown
with flecks of gold
almond shaped
with a dull sheen

shuttered and closed
what is hidden
in the fathomless depths

stars and galaxies
that tell their own stories
of hopes and dreams
formed in innocent minds

memories and images
that weave their own tale
of a past long forgotten
and a future never to be

if i took the time
would you let me in?
if i listened
would you tell me why?

you with the sad eyes
look so much like me...

these dreams are not for you

shattered hopes
scattered dreams
silent screams &
streaming tears

sitting in a quiet corner
hidden in the darkest recesses of the mind
huddled with the remnants
the residues of what once was

silently picking up the broken pieces
jagged edges tear into tender skin
blood drips down
to mix with the tears that fall

realization dawns
no longer just dreams
heart, mind and soul...
shattered, scattered and scorned

crash and splinter
fall apart and break
uncaring of the broken pieces
you get it, you finally believe

these dreams are not for you...

find me where the sky ends...

find me where the sky ends
i am there in a field of flowers and rainbows
where you will see all your hopes and dreams
here reality is a blur and anything can happen

find me where the sky ends
when you are lost, adrift and confused
and the answers you seek seem to elude you
i might not have the solutions, but i will listen to you

find me where the sky ends
in the land of stardust and wishes
with the courage of a warrior and the strength of a hero
it is not an easy task, but it can only be done by YOU

find me where the sky ends
and you might just find yourself...


where you used to be,
there's a hole in the world,
which i find myself
constantly walking around at daytime
and falling at night...

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